Tom Zanetti Unplugged

Tom Zanetti

Mon, January 30, 2023
1:00pm ET
Tom is larger than life when he's making a club go wild with the tracks he's mixing up or on the reality show "Celebs Go Dating" however there is another side to Tom which few people get to see. 

Post his fight with Slim this will be a great opportunity for fans to really get to know Tom outside of the ring and hear how the loss of his girlfriend has shaped his life, how he has maintained balance for his son and how boxing has changed his work ethic.

All ticket holders will be able to submit questions and some fans will get to ask these questions live to Tom. There are also likely to be some surprise celebrity guests so get your tickets before they are gone for what will be a one of a kind experience.



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Get to Know Tom Zanetti

Tom Zanetti, is a British DJ, music producer, rapper and singer. He is best known for his songs "Darlin’" (2015) and "You Want Me" (2016), both of which received silver and platinum BPI certifications respectively. The latter of the two charted in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Republic of Ireland.

Zanetti was scheduled to make his boxing debut on 15 October 2022 at the Sheffield Arena. His first opponent, Jack Bean, withdrew due to his mental health. His second opponent, Jayden King, withdrew after realizing that he will not be able to make weight only a few hours after the heated press conference where both charged towards each other numerous times. On 14 October it was announced that Zanetti had signed a 3 fight deal with Misfits Boxing following his removal after King withdrew.

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My son Owen actually got to talk with Cade!

Erin M.

It was very personal and neat to see the human side of Cade.

Richard B.

I enjoyed the intimacy and the active participation from the audience!

Jamillah J.

So cool! Intimate experience that could not be replicated!

Meredith C.


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