A live, virtual platform where athletes share stories, relive moments and engage with their biggest fans.

We focus beyond the court or field, and more on what makes your favorite athlete human.


We aren’t fans of prerecorded material; human moments are better in real time.


You will be able to input feedback into each event, as well as engage with your host.


All our content is from the athlete’s heart, we don’t do clickbait.

Small Scale

Audience sizes are intentionally limited to create intimacy.


Our goals are tears and goosebumps; you will walk away feeling inspired.


The athlete cooks up the content, we just serve as a thought partner.

Fan Feedback

What an incredible vibe & diversity in people of all ages.

Kelly F.

So cool! Intimate experience that could not be replicated!

Meredith C.

I enjoyed the intimacy and the active participation from the audience!

Jamillah J.

It was very personal and neat to see the human side of Cade.

Richard B.

My son Owen actually got to talk with Cade!

Erin M.


It is our mission to create a human connection between athletes and fans.

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REVEL Moments events are fun, intimate, and more importantly, engaging.

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