The stories are authentic and unfiltered, the experiences are live, and fans will always have a front-row seat.

Our unique and curated live experiences allow for athletes and fans to connect like never before. We hold space for some of the most recognizable icons around the world, and invite them to share candid and untold stories from both on and off the court/field.

This is a place where unforgettable moments are created and the human connection between an athlete and their fans is restored.


Real Athletes. Real Stories. REVEL Moments.

On the court, we root for the uniform. Off the court, we root for the human.

Every athlete who suits up on gameday has a story, brand, and world of interests. Off the court they are Artists. Entrepreneurs. Students. Activists. They have challenges, families, inspirations, guilt and aspirations. 

Every fan really wants more than an autograph, wants more than the stats, wants to understand what they have in common, wants to know the human behind the athlete. 

Our mission at REVEL is to bridge this gap. To show that whilst athletes are “super-human” on the court, off the court we have far more humanity in common than which separates us. REVEL Moments is designed to build authentic moments for athletes to make deeper connections with you, the fans.

It doesn’t matter what sport you play, where you’re from, or what else you’re into. REVEL Moments creates a safe space to allow athletes to share who they really are, while fans get to ask the “real” questions that never get asked in a press conference.

To us, real athletes sharing their real stories with real fans is #humanfirst.

We have discovered that fans and athletes want the same thing, the ability to exchange humanity. On REVEL Moments, athletes can be themselves, and fans get the rare opportunity to see the human side of their heroes. We are democratizing access to athletes and bringing fans closer to the person behind the athlete.

Dean Brody, REVEL Moments Co-Founder & CEO