Chasing The League

Bryson Warren

Mon, May 23, 2022
7:00pm ET

Bryson Warren grew up near Little Rock, Arkansas, with his parents and two siblings. By 8th grade his talent was become clear to everyone and whilst his dreams remained focus on the NBA he was not eligible for the draft till 2024. As a result he took the “path less travelled” and skipped the final two years of high school and forfeited the ability to play college basketball and joined Overtime Elite and become professional.

Come join Bryson and learn what drove this decision, how his spirituality guides his path and how he got the nick name B-Swish


Get to Know Bryson Warren

“Bryson first started playing basketball at the age of 3 years old! He was competitive then … little did we know that he would have the total package and basketball would be his sport. A sport that he loves, understands, dominates, and have a High IQ” said Bryson’s proud Mom, Taneia. Bryson is a 6-foot-2 point guard hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas. A baller and an A student Bryson put in the work on and off the court. This paid off and in 2021 he was the first the first sophomore to be named Arkansas high School Player of the Year and highly recruited with scholarship offers to play basketball from schools such as Arkansas, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Georgetown, Seton Hall, Vanderbilt, Oklahoma State and others.

Bryson took a different path and in September 2021 joined the Overtime Elite league and turn professional. Overtime head coach and head of player development Kevin Ollie commended his new recruit saying “It’s hard to imagine a player as developed as Bryson at such a young age. But in addition to his natural talent, the young man puts in the work and leads by example”.

He's already enjoying the league with training camps in the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Colorado, Miami and remembers “Playing against Bronny (James) in a sold out crowd, with a lot of media there and I had 22 points and me and Bronny have been friends since that day.”

Bryson dreams of using his basketball success to positively impact his community. Ever since winning the King James Championships in 5th grade, Bryson has looked to LeBron James for what James has done off the court — including opening a public elementary school in James’ hometown of Akron, Ohio, where students have a chance to earn free tuition to the University of Akron.

Kareem Reid (former point guard in the National Basketball Development League) has been training and mentoring Bryson since the seventh grade.
“I see greatness,” Reid said. “I’ve seen such great development from him since he was a seventh grader. I’ve been happy to be a mentor in his life, and sometimes we don’t even talk about basketball.”

“My goal once the program ends is definitely just to get drafted [in the NBA]” he also aspires to major in Business Administration in the long term. For now he is focused on getting this team to the OTE finals in the Bahamas, where he’s always wanted to visit.

Bryson was also invited to join the '21-22 Team USA Junior National Team and as his Mom said “God is not finished with him! He's getting it in every chance he get.”

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